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  • A Technology which capable of processing food products by converting electric current into heat.

  • Also known as Joule Heating or Resistive Heating.

  • Process involves passing an electric current through the product and in combination with the electrical resistance of the product generates heat in a uniform fashion. Most food products can be heated using Ohmic heating.

  • Ohmic heating can feature a higher energy efficiency, rapidity, uniformity in heating pattern, and cleanability.

  • Benefits are reduced burning, fast processing times, energy efficient, low maintenance.

  • Increasing the rate of freeze-drying up to 25 percent, a significant time and energy savings for processing.

  • A useful tool for value-added processing, and it has great potential for use in a wide variety of food processing operations involving mass transfer.

  • Ohmically heated the Rice bran and also useful in extracting the oil which yielded more total lipids from rice bran.

  • The whole egg was heated by Ohmic heating at frequency of 20khz.

  • The Ohmic heating process provide food processors with the opportunity to produce new, high-value-added, shelf-stable products with a quality previously unrealized with current sterilization techniques.

  • Electrical conductivity of all products increased linearly with the temperature during the Ohmic heating at constant voltage gradient.

  • Additionally Ohmic heating can be used in non-food applications such as the processing of sludges and slurries with a high solids.

  • The potential application could be thermal process of meat products, dairy processing, pasteurization\ sterilization of liquid foods, tomato peeling, and fermentation.

  • Optimization of capital investment and product safety as a result of high solids loading capacity.

  • High energy efficiency is achieved because 90% of the electrical energy is converted into heat.

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