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  • Ozone is a tri-oxygen molecules that acts as powerful disinfecting and deodorizing gas. Due to its strong oxidizing nature
    ozone is used in various water treatment processes. For industrial applications, ozone generator is used for producing ozone.
  • An ozone generator is basically an electrical machine, which transforms electrical energy into chemical energy and heat.
  • Ozone generators produce ozone with extreme high voltages or with UV-light.
  • Ozone generators consist of effective and powerful injectors, static mixers, reaction and filter vessel.
  • Ozone generators are made of qualitative materials and plays vital role in air and water treatment.


  • Ozone generators very effective against coliform bacteria and destroys them much faster than chlorine or bromine.
  • PH can be neutralized by them very easily.
  • Helps in the destruction of fungus, mold and yeast spores.
  • All heavy metals are precipitated by them easily
  • Water color an odor is effectively removed by ozone generator.
  • Ozone generators is capable of conditioning the water naturally without the addition of any chemicals. Water conditioning is achieve by removing excess iron, manganese, and sulfur.
  • There is no residue left by it as its byproduct is pure oxygen.


  • Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors.
  • The EXT120 Ozone Generator produces one of the widest range of ozone concentrations available on the world market.
  • Mitsubishi Electric has to date provided more than 1700 ozone generator systems to waterworks concerns in Japan, comprising a 40% share of the ozone generator market. The company's ozone generator product received the coveted 21st Century Invention Prize, awarded by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.

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