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  • Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD) Coating is describing a family of thin film coating process which applied under vacuum conditions.

  • A useful technique to improve the surface properties of metallic materials such as wear resistance, anti-corrosion properties and oxidation resistance.

  • Thin PVD coatings deposited onto surface of machine parts and tools are widely used in sectors like in machine, electrical engineering and medicine.

  • In PVD coating technology the vapour is generated by physical mean such as Arc, Electron beam, Sputtering etc. then condenses and deposits on the required surface.

  • In Tools coating industry the PVD technology called Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition is highly regarded as the best in term of economy and film quality.

  • Application of selected PVD Nano-structured coatings with a thickness less than 1microM will improve the life of Ni & Titanium cutting tools without worsening at all tool sharpness.

  • Good choosing of PVD coatings will decrease friction that result in a reduction of overheating risk, allowing higher machining speeds and also avoid the usage of lubricant.

  • This technology is being applied by magnetron sputtering on cutting tools has increase the productivity upto 30% when machining Ti Alloys.

  • Advanced development of PVD coatings are designed to withstand severe mechanical and thermal stress conditions.

  • Features are high vacuum, plasma activated coating deposition, requires clean and contaminant free surfaces.

  • Even PVD has widely used to deposit wear-resistant coatings on a variety of medical devices such as pacemakers, surgical and dental instruments without changing the underlying material properties.

  • With respect to applications the usage of PVD Coating in gear production is in different phases of market maturity.

  • Success of PVD in high pressure diesel fuel since in 1995 has opened the market for many more applications and the demand for PVD coatings has been increased.

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