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Information @ a Glance

  • The papaya is a large pear-shaped fruit with golden-yellow skin. It can be 75 to 500 mm in length and can weigh as much as 12 kgs.
  • The pulp of the papaya is also golden-yellow and is fleshy, juicy and smooth. It has a sweet-tart flavor.
  • It has a large central cavity which is filled with shiny, gray seeds.
  • Papaya pulp is also used in food processing industry.
  • Papaya pulp enzymes removes dead surface skin, reduces pre-existing infection and even encourages healing.
  • Papaya contains a high amount of potassium and the flesh of papaya is very high in Vitamin A.
  • Usually papaya pulp is used in a mixture with other fruits for yoghurt, baby food and multi-fruit drinks.
  • Though the majority of papayas are consumed in the fresh form, the market for papaya pulp, puree and juice has grown in importance in the past few years.
  • Bacteria that degrade benzyl isothiocyanate to benzylamine and hydrogen sulfide were isolated from papaya pulp homogenate by enrichment culture techniques.
  • Traded papaya pulp is usually produced with a brix strength of 20-25.
  • The export market concentrates on processed papaya products like papaya pulp and dried papaya.
  • Papaya Pulp imported into EEC countries are mostly frozen in drums, with a trend toward aseptic packaging.
  • The papaya is a popular breakfast fruit in many countries and is also used in many food preparations like salads, pies, juices, and confections.

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