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  • Phenidone (1-phenyl-3-pyrazolidinone) is an organic chemical compound whose primary use is as a photographic developer.

  • It has five to ten times the developing power as Metol.

  • It also has low toxicity and, unlike some other developers, does not cause dermatitis upon skin contact.

  • One of the most novel properties of Phenidone is the efficiency effected because it is re-activated by Hydroquinone.

  • Phenidone's developing properties are dependent on the pH of the solution.

  • Phenidone is slightly soluble in cold water, but as the temperature of the solution increases Phenidone becomes more soluble, It is readily soluble in both acid and alkaline solutions.

  • Ilford claims "That a Phenidone -Hydroquinone developer is More Effective Than Any Other Available Developer For Forced Development Where Last-Ditch Exposures With Minimal Highlight Blocking Is Desired."

  • Phenidone gives no fog with Low-Speed emulsion papers. However, with high speed emulsions it may produce fog.

  • Benzotrlazole added to a paper developer compound with Phenidone, not only prevents fog, but also has the effect of modifying the Tone Of The Silver Image so that Cold Blue-Black Tones are produced.

  • The final oxidation product of a Phenidone -Hydroquinone developer is COLORLESS, which reduces, but does not eliminate, the staining of fingers and clothes. This is due in part to the Hydroquinone.

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