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  • Potassium citrate is an alkalinizing agent that is used in conditions where long-term maintenance of an alkaline urine is desirable and for the treatment of metabolic acidosis.
  • Potassium is a mineral that is found in many foods and is needed for several functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart.
  • Potassium citrate is used to treat a kidney stone condition called renal tubular acidosis.
  • Potassium citrate is a powder or crystalline potassium salt mine in order to reduce the acidity in the blood and urine,thus preventing kidney stones and other conditions.
  • Potassium citrate, which is commonly used pill or liquid form, but also contribute to the treatment of arthritis pain conditions, such as gout and reduce uric acid crystals, or waste can accumulate in the blood or urine, and attacking the body.
  • The medicinal properties of regulation of water and other body fluids, and potassium citrate can help to eliminate waste from the blood and urine and reduce the risk of kidney disease and medical conditions.
  • Potassium Citrate can cause ulcers, diabetes, renal failure and Addison’s disease, which would affect the adverse reactions of the adrenal gland.
  • Taking this drug with other drugs may lead to accidental overdose, if these other drugs, including potassium.
  • Should be prohibited from taking potassium citrate diuretics and alcohol, as these can lead to dehydration.
  • Citric Acid is a colourless crystalline organic compound belong to carboxylic acid family.
  • It exists in all plants and in many animal tissues and fluids.
  • In biochemistry, it is involved in important metabolism of almost all living things; the Krebs cycle a part of the process by which animals convert food to energy.
  • Citric acid works as a preservative and cleaning agent in nature.
  • It is commercially obtained by fermentation process of glucose with the aid of the mold Aspergillus niger and can be obtained synthetically from acetone or glycerol.
  • It can be used as an sour taste enhancer in foods and soft drinks.
  • The three carboxy groups lose protons in solution; resulting in the excellent pH control as a buffer in acidic solutions.
  • It is used as a flavouring, stabilizing agent and acidulant in food industry, in metal-cleaning compositions as it chelates metals.
  • Citric acid is available in forms of anhydrous primarily and in monohydrate, the crystallized form from water.
  • Potassium citrate is a potassium salt that occurs in nature and is available in supplement form.
  • The human body requires potassium for several important functions, including the regulation of body fluids and the elimination of waste from the body.
  • Some medical researchers believe that potassium citrate offers important benefits for humans.
  • The use of potassium citrate supplements should not replace conventional medical treatment.
  • Tripotassium citrate monohydrate is the common tribasic potassium salt of citric acid, also known as potassium citrate.

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