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  • Potassium thiocyanate is the chemical compound with the molecular formula KSCN. It is an important salt of the thiocyanate anion, one of the pseudohalides. The compound has a low melting point relative to most other inorganic salts.

  • Dilute aqueous KSCN is occasionally used for moderately realistic blood effects in film and theater. It can be painted onto a surface or kept as a colorless solution.

  • Potassium thiocyanate is colorless and deliquescent. When dissolved in its own weight of water, the temperature drops 30'C. It is used in the manufacture of artificial mustard oil, in printing and dyeing, in photography and in analytical chemistry.

  • The pharmaceutical industry uses potassium thiocyanate as a raw material for chemotherapeutic drugs, antibiotics and thyroid medications. The chemical industry uses this inorganic reagent to produce photographs and textiles and to manufacture herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

  • In fine-grain photography, film processors use potassium thiocyanate to produce reduction in size of individual silver halide grains because of its dissolving action. 

  • Potassium Thiocyanate can also be used in treatement of Hypertension.

  • Using a KSCN-EDTA destaining solution, which permitted the demonstration of the specificity of the observed immunofluorescence.

  • An analyzer for directly and continuously measuring the concentration of soluble copper in an aqueous solution by adding potassium thiocyanate there to in a dilute solution to form cupric thiocyanate.

  • Potassium Thiocyanate does not react with glass or plastic and is easily washed off without leaving any residue or causing any damage to the object.

  • KSCN is a clear fluid, a separate water-soluble dye is required as a contrast agent for scanning an object made of clear glass or similar materials.

  • High molecular weight linear condensation polyesters are stabilized against deterioration by reacting the polyester in molten form with alkylene carbonates in the presence of catalytic amount of compound selected from the group containing KSCN.                     

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