Potassium Ferricyanide

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  • Potassium ferricyanide is the chemical compound with the formula K3[Fe(CN)6]. This bright red salt consists of the coordination compound
    [Fe(CN)6]3−. It is soluble in water and its solution shows some green-yellow fluorescence.
  • Other names for potassium ferricyanide include tripotassium ferricyanide, potassium cyanoferrate, red prussiate, potassium ferricyanate and potassium hexacyanoferrate III.
  • Potassium ferricyanide is derived by passing chlorine into a solution of potassium ferrocyanide; potassium ferricyanide separates out
  • Potassium ferricyanide is used as an oxidizing agent to remove silver from negatives and positives, a process called dot etching.
  • Potassium ferricyanide is widely used as a chemical reducer in photographic processing to remove silver from negatives and positives (dot etching).
  • It is also used in photography with sodium thiosulfate (hypo) to reduce the density of a negative where the mixture is known as Farmer's reducer;
    this can help offset problems from overexposure.
  • Potassium ferricyanide can be purchased both as ready-to-use brand name products (i.e., Farmerís reducer), oras the individual chemical, which can be mixed by an individual.
  • Manufacturers use potassium ferricyanide to make adhesives, metal extractions, paints, inks, fire retardants, dyes, computer electronics,
    pharmaceuticals, rocket propellant, plexiglass and cosmetics.
  • Potassium ferricyanide is also used in tempering iron and steel, sensitive coatings on blueprint paper, wood staining, dyeing wool, production of pigments, electroplating, as a laboratory reagent, and a mild oxidizing agent in organic synthesis.
  • Potassium ferricyanide is used in many amperometric biosensors as an electron transfer agent replacing an enzyme's natural electron transfer agent such as oxygen as with the enzymeglucose oxidase.
  • Potassium ferricyanide is sold on the internet as part of a "Photographic Chemistry Kit" for junior and senior high school chemistry, photography and physics classes.

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