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  • Pregelatinized starch  is obtained from corn, waxy corn, potato or tapioca enhances flow and compressibility which tends to used as  binder in many applications.
  • Commercially, Pregelatinized Starch are  available in fully and partially Pregelatinized starch grades depending on the degree of starch gelatinization.
  • Two Types:- Food grade pre-gelatinized starches and Industrial grade pre-gelatinized starches .
  • The pregelatinized starch production line consists of a feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, conveying system, and cooling system.
  • GEMGEL 50 is an industrial grade pregelatinized wheat starch offers convenience in a basic instant wheat starch suited for industrial applications.
  • Starch 1500 is a partially pregelatinized maize starch manufactured exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry  and had multiple functions, such as binder, disintegrant, and flow-aid while having lubricant properties.
  • Main uses are as fillers in hard gelatin capsules, binders in wet granulation tableting, disintegrants in tablet formulations and in direct compression tableting.
  • Starches make possible the production of many unique food and industrial products that do not require heat for preparation.
  • Suspensions of most starches and starch derivatives can be gelatinized and dried to yield a broad variety of pregelatinized starches.
  • Starch can be used as a bodying agent for caramels and marsh-mallows and also as a thickening agent for pie fillings.
  • It is a directly compressible disintegrants and its optimum concentration is 5-10% and production based on hydrolyzing and rupturing of starch grain.
  • The main mechanism of action of Pregelatinized starch is through swelling.
  • The pregelatinized starch offers ease of dispersibility during mixing and provides instant viscosity without cooking.
  • Production of pregelatinized starch involves a suspension of starch and water is prepared then is applied to a hot roller and roller dryer.
  • Pregelatinized waxy corn starches are used to produce low-fat snacks that are made by baking or
    by indirect expansion process.
  • Pregelatinized modified tapioca starch enables food developers to create various products of soup and sauce such as soup powder, sauce powder or gravy powder for example.
  • This type of starch had ability to thicken or gel promptly without the application of  heat necessary and also these are cold water swelling starches that have moderate solubility and viscosity.
  • Being effective in a variety of processing methods for solid oral dosage forms, such as direct compression, wet granulation, dry granulation, compaction & encapsulation and is extremely versatile.
  • Performance was flexible in variety of applications and meets requirements of global regulatory.
  • When compared with other starches, it reduces process cost and enhances the functionality of other Excipients to produce tablets.

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