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  • Pyrophosphate is used to refer to chemical compounds that encompass the esters, salts, and anion of pyrophosphoric acid.
  • Pyrophosphate arthropathy unlike gout, there is no specific therapy.
  • Pyrophosphate are produced by a number of biochemical reactions, such as ATP hydrolysis, DNA and RNA polymerizations cyclic AMP formation by the enzyme adenylate cyclase.
  • Raw material of pyrophosphate is phosphate.
  • Orthophosphate and pyrophosphate were the only phosphates detected by chromatography of the bone extracts.
  • Pyrophosphates are more economical due to their smaller volume and low transportation costs.
  • These are water soluble and their condensed nature results in higher P analyses.
  • Pyrophosphate as a source of phosphorus for plants.
  • Pyrophosphate concentrations between 0.5 and 1.5mMwere measured for Escherichia coli cells growing in the presence of an energy source such as glucose
  • Inorganic pyrophosphate is a small diphosphate molecule that is required as a substrate for or is the product formed from a number of different enzymatic reactions.
  • Pyrophosphate is often a by-product of energetically unfavourable biosynthetic reactions, such as aminoacyl-tRNA, argininosuccinate, or acyl CoA synthesis and the  pyrophosphate concentration dropped below 0.1 mM when glucose was exhausted.
  • As is commonly done in biochemistry, the terms pyrophosphate and phosphate refer to the respective sums of the various pyrophosphate and phosphate species that may exist in solution.

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