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  • A recycling business is defined as the recovery, reuse and remanufacture of materials from waste products/materials.

  • Companies can be involved in collecting, processing, manufacturing, reusing or composting these recovered materials.

  • Primary types of recovered materials are paper, plastic, metal, glass, textiles etc.

  • Recycling involves three steps: Collecting recyclable materials, Using recovered materials as feedstock in the manufacture of new products and Purchasing the recycled products for use again.

  • In commercial enterprises, recycling is important because commercial waste makes up about 40 percent of total solid waste.

  • The recycling industry contains four basic components: Collectors, Handlers, Processors and End-users.

  • There are basically two types of operations for the collection system: (i) internal, in which recyclables from separate waste generation stations are combined inside; and (ii) external, in which materials are stored outside for removal and transport to a market.

  • Storing of waste should be secure and safe so use suitable containers and properly contain waste to avoid it blowing away.

  • The recycling industry has been developing rapidly with the fast growing awareness and resources conservation on a global scale.

  • All new waste or recycling depots are required to provide purpose-built undercover facilities for waste transfer operations.

  • The most preferred option for waste management practices and the highest point on the hierarchy is avoidance of waste.

  • Main strategies for development of recycling co-operative includes: increased collection, processing, marketing and training.

  • The increasing demand for various recycled products in many countries also opens up new prospects for the development of the recycling industry.

  • Recycling-based manufacturing can involve complex and expensive technology, but it can also be low-tech and labor intensive, providing a variety of employment opportunities.

  • In recycling business, Waste management is one of the technology reduce waste generation & increase recycling and create a clean and green environment.

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