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  • Rhodinol comes in nature as a typical component of rose and geranium oils and confounded with isomers the alcohol citronellal.
  • Still in the 40's of this century one assumed that rhodinol would be isomer from geranial.
  • It is combustible liquid mixture of terpene alcohols with rose scent soluble in mineral oil and alcohol and especially used in perfumes and flavors.
  • Here are some general specifications of rhodinol.
  • When the geranylacetone serving as a main body of the essence formula participates in burning
  • Aroma which is naturally harmonized with the cigarette aroma can be generated
  • Without foreign smell and the rhodinol can weaken or modify the foreign smell component brought by burning of the bobbin.
  • The invention has the advantages of low cost, convenient method and excellent application effect, and makes up the technical blank in the field of the cigarette bobbin aromatic flavoring.
  • The combination of citronellol and geranio rhodinol (ex citronella), and rhodinol is a synthetic raw material that smells like a combination of rose and citrus with a dry out that gives the impression of soft red rose petals.
  • The combination of citronellol and geraniol is found in other natural oils, the best quality being geranium, which is then called rhodinol (ex geranium).
  • Rhodinol ex citronella mostly refers to a purified citronellol from citronella oil.
  • Rhodinol coeur or rhodinol ex geranium refers to a mixture of rose alcohols from geranium oils.
  • Rhodinol can be found in various rose formulae – it’s used as a substitute of rose, geranium oils or as citronellol or rose alcohol mixture
  • Rhodinol ex geranium’ and ‘terpeneless geranium oil’ are selected fractions of vacuum-distilled geranium oil.
  • In this distillation process the monoterpenes and several other low-boiling components are removed as are usually also the ‘tail’ fractions of the distillation.
  • Rhodinol ex geranium has a delightfully sweet, fresh, rosy, uniform and tenacious aroma, and is used extensively in perfumery
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