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  • Rice is a major food crop in many regions of the world. Rice husk (RH) is the outer covering of the rice grain and is obtained during the milling process. The use of RH enables the production of much cheaper ceiling boards.

  • A new modified rice starch could be used as a fat replacer in most nonfrozen dairy products like cheese, milkshakes, yogurt, cream and cheese.

  • Rice is a major component of the agricultural sector in particular and the overall economy in general. Therefore, any increase in the value of rice products hast he potential to accrue benefits to a large segment of the population.

  • Rice based products such as a) Rice flour production b) Production of breakfast cereals such as rice flakes c) Rice noodles d) Instant rice products and e) High quality starch extracts.

  • A rice-based food product, specifically designed for human nourishing, characterized in that said food product is made from whole rice, a fractionating extraction of said whole rice and a following recovering of said whole rice components, by varying their related amounts in a selected manner to provide a final food product having different and optimum nourishing characteristics.

  • An improved oral rehydration solution (ORS) tat contains enzymatically treated rice flour. More particularly the invention related to a stable rice flour oral rehydration solution with low viscosity and low osmolality that can be ingested through the nipple of a bottle. The improved ORS may be in ready to feed form or dehydrated to a powder that can be reconstituted at the time of consumption.

  • A rice-based snack chip made from a dough including the dry ingredients of bumped rice kernels, long-grain pregelatinized rice flour, medium-grain course white rice flour and in which the bumped rice kernels are partially hydrated, bumped, partially dehydrated and fried as the chip is made.
    The rice-based oral rehydration solution of the instant invention, produced through a process that utilizes enzymatic digestion of the cellulose and protein fractions of rice flour, retains the advantages of a rice-based solution.

  • Dry rice flour could be used to prepare extruded rice vermicelli instead of using wet milled rice due to the reduction of waster water disposals. This process in turn could speed up the rice vermicelli production, easy to handle and sanitize.

  • The rice noodles are judged by their uniformity, cooking and eating quality. Dry rice flour may be used to prepare rice noodles by extrusion cooking.

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