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  • In addition to new derivatives from the PBZX family and novel rigid-rod polymers such as rigid-rod polyimides  and aromatic poly(pyridinium salt), there are several special groups of rigid-rod polymers that have been studied and developed rapidly after the 1980s.
  • Among them are polyphenylenes, poly(phenylene ethynylene), poly(p-phenylenevinylene) (qv), polythiophenes, polyanilines, polyquinolines, and some organometallic polymers .
  • The rigid-rod fibers, especially  poly((benzo {1,2-d:4,5 -d } bisoxazole-2,6-diyl)-1,4-phenylene) PBZO, display superior tensile properties ,thermal stability, flame resistance, barrier properties, and low smoke generation as well as low moisture sensitivity. Other good properties are cutting and abrasion resistance, chemical, oxidation, and radiation resistance, as well as a low dissipation factor .
  • Furthermore, the rigid-rod fibers exhibit potentially useful electrical and nonlinear optical behavior.
  • The rigid-rod polymer fibers also have rather small creep and stress relaxation. Their creep and stress relaxation rates are extremely low compared with the conventional nylon and polyester fibers.
  • Rodlike polymers have a finite degree of flexibility in the sp3-hybridized carbons in the polymer backbone, whereas rigid-rod polymers are entirely sp2-hybridized and can only be rotated axially since they have no points of flexibility along the backbone.
  • Rigid rod-like polymers form a nematic phase which is of the tumbling type at small and moderate shear rates, to become flow-aligning at high shear rates as a result of nonlinearity.

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