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  • Rubber particles (RP) are colloidal components present in natural rubber latex and it comprise 3045% of the whole latex volume.
  • The major rubber particles protein of 24 kDa has been suggested to be tightly associated with small rubber particles as well as also involved in rubber biosynthesis.
  • The two major proteins that are tightly associated with the catalytically active rubber particles have been sequenced to be peroxidase  and trypsin inhibitor.
  • The rubber particle is where the rubber biosynthesis occurs, and it consists of a lipophilic cis-polyisoprene core surrounded by monolayer membrane of lipids and several proteins.
  • Its protein were separated on 12% non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel, and their in-gel POX activities were determined.
  • The protein was extracted from the small rubber particle in the presence of a surfactant  and further purified to homogeneity.
  • The rubber particles in cream fraction showed different protein compositions from that of serum phase.
  • The rubber particles are believed to be covered by some proteins and phospholipids, concerning with the colloidal stability of natural rubber latex.
  • Inside the rubber
    particle, in most cases, a homogenous electron density distribution was observed: a less-dense region  and a denser reg.
  • While the small rubber particle could not be observed, which might be corresponding to the lower protein and ester content.

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