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  • Salbutamol is an inhaled medication commonly used in quick-relief inhalers and nebulizers.
  • People with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are often prescribed salbutamol to help control their disease.
  • Salbutamol working by opening up the lungs and helping you to breathe when you are having an asthma attack or other difficulty breathing.
  • This medicine is also useful for the prevention of exercise-induced bronchospasm, as well as indicated in hyperkalemia, especially in patients with renal failure.


  • Salbutamol is typically used to treat bronchospasm (due to either asthma or exercise) as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Other uses include in cystic fibrosis, along with ipratropium bromide, acetylcysteine, and pulmozyme and subtypes of congenital myasthenic syndromes associated to mutations in Dok-7.
  • As a β2-agonist, salbutamol also finds use in obstetrics. Intravenous salbutamol can be used as a tocolytic to relax the uterine smooth muscle to delay premature labor.
  • While preferred over agents such as atosiban and ritodrine, its role has largely been replaced by the calcium-channel blocker nifedipine, which is more effective, better tolerated and orally administered.


  • In 1969, Allen & Hanburys (part of the Glaxo Group, now GlaxoSmithKline) launched the highly successful asthma drug salbutamol.
  • Marketed just three years after its synthesis, salbutamol is still on the market, sold as Ventolin and Proventil.
  • Salbutamol was one of the earliest drugs developed by rational design. At the time there were no models of the -receptors to guide the work; the human -receptor was not characterized until the 1990s.


  • Based on Preformulation studies different batches of Salbutamol sulphate were prepared using Xanthan gum, carbopol and ethyl cellulose chosen for their different hydrophilic properties to calculate the suatained release properties.
  • Analysis of Salbutamol is done by UV visible spectrophometer  using wavelength 276nm.
  • Results of in-vitro swelling study indicate that the formulation F6 was having considerable swelling index.
  • Visual observation show that all the coated particles preserve their structural integrity whereas
    uncoated salbutamol sulphate particles are unstable at 65% of relative humidity

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