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  • Silver(I) selenide is a chemical compound of silver and selenium. It is rarely found in the nature as mineral naumannite and is used in photography to produce selenium toning.
  • Silver selenide (Ag2Se) is a clear, hexagonal compound. It is the reaction product formed when selenium toning analog silver gelatine photo papers in photographic print toning.
  • Silver selenide exhibits two distinct crystallographic phases separated by a transition at 406 K. The low temperature phase, b-Ag2Se, is orthorhombic and is a narrow band gap semiconductor with an energy gap of 70 meV at 0K.
  • Selenium rarely occurs in its elemental state in nature and is usually found in sulfide ores such as pyrite, partially replacing the sulfur in the ore matrix.
  • A novel laser+solid+liquid ablation technique has been developed to synthesize Ag2Se nanoparticles from silver nitrate and selenium powder in a mixed solvent of 2-propanol and ethylenediamine.
  • Many techniques have been applied to prepare silver selenide, including a mechanical alloying method using a high-energy ball mill , electrolysis , sonochemical synthesis , and a hy-drothermal route at elevated temperature and pressure.
  • Conventional syntheses of silver selenide include vapor phase growth, high temperature and high pressure solution-phase reactions, and sonochemical routes.
  • It has attracted much attention after the discovery of huge magneto resistance, the origin of which has been attributed to the presence of nanoscale metal clusters in an otherwise semiconducting matrix.
  • Silver selenides is a well-known superionic conductor. It has been widely used in solar cells and as an optical filter.
  • It has been widely exploited for use as a thermochromic material, as well as a photosensitizer in photographic processing.
  • The low - temperature phase of silver selenide is also a promising candidate for thermoelectric applications because of its relatively high Seebeck
    coefficient, low thermal conductivity, and high electrical conductivity.
  • Silver selenide has wide range of application in nonlinear optical devices , photo chargeable secondary batteries and ion-selective electrodes and in
    various other areas such as infra-red sensors and photolithographic layers

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