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  • Soap noodles are the sodium salt of fatty acids from oils or fats of both animal and vegetable origin and which is the basic raw material for  production of soap.
  • By the reaction of refined high quality cattle fat and herbal contents like coconut oil or palm oil with Sodium Hydroxide, Soap Noodles are obtained.
  • Machinery parts of Soap Noodles includes soap vacuum dryer, continuous and batch saponification plants.
  • Structure usually in  cylindrical forms having 8 mm diameters and white–light cream color. They are not further more colored and also have a bright physical structure that does not contain disturbing odors.
  • Depending on the type of soap to be manufactured,  different specifications of soap noodles are used for e.g.. toilet soap, laundry soap, translucent soaps, high-lather, medicated, etc.
  • A typical blend would be the 80/20 standard comprising of 80% palm oil and 20% palm kernel oil
    or coconut oil. While there are other blends available in the market such as 70:30, 60:40 and 90:10.
  • Due to the right balance of lather, rate of wear, cleaning ability and hardness, 80:20 blend  is recognized as the optimal grade.
  • The largest sources of Soap Noodles are mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia which is from palm oil and also countries like India, Brazil, Southern Europe.
  • Manufacturers uses basic soap noodles, then add pigments, fragrances and other components to create their own brand of soap.
  • The Plant Capacity of soap noodles per annum 3600MT produced from machinery which cost around 156lakhs and the total capital investment for this plant costs upto 665lakhs.

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