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  • Sodium Bifluoride Molecular formula is NaH F2 .
  • Sodium Bifluoride also Known as Sodium Hydrogen Difluoride.
  • Sodium bifluoride is a white crystal with its relative density of 2.08
  • Sodium bifluoride is soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol.
  • While heating sodium hydrogen fluoride it decomposes into sodium fluoride.
  • Sodium Bifluoride is used as aseptic, glass etchant and flux of metal.
  • Sodium Bifluoride is also used for texture finishing of textile, insect proof treatment of leather and production of hydrogen fluoride.
  • NaF is manufactured from  neutralizing hydrofluoric acid or hexafluorosilicic acid.
  • The neutralizing agents are   sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate.
  • Heating the Sodium bifluoride gives HF and  NaF.
  • Sodium fluoride is also used to fluoridate water.
  • Sodium Bifluoride is the standard compound by which other water fluoridation compounds are gauged, hexafluorosilicic acid and its salt sodium hexafluorosilicate are more commonly used additives.
  • Sodium fluoride is classed as toxic by both inhalation  and ingestion.
  • When its dose goes high it has been shown to affect the heart and circulatory system.
  • Plain sodium fluoride can cause pain in the legs and incomplete stress fractures when the doses are too high.
  • The market price range from 2400 $ to 2700 $ per metric ton in US market.
  • Sodium bifluoride is produced from high quality raw material and is mainly used as a neutralizing agent in diverse industries.
  • In textile industry Sodium bifluoride is used as a removal of iron rust.
  • Sodium compounds are used in every day use  such as baking powder, household lye, aspirin, drugs, soaps and detergents.
  • fluorine occurs as a diatomic molecule F2, in its elemental form. It has only one stable isotope and its valence in all compounds is -1.
  • Fluorine is the most reactive of all the elements

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