Sodium Iodide

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  • A white, crystalline salt with chemical formula NaI and used in the field of radiation detection, therapy of iodine deficiency & in the Finkelstein reaction as a reactant.
  • It is obtained as a product between reaction of iodine and sodium hydroxide.
  • In polymerase chain reactions, NaI helpful in conversion of an alkyl chloride into an alkyl iodide. This relies on the insolubility of sodium chloride in acetone to generate the reaction.
  • The principle of Scintillation detector is the use of a special material which  scintillates when radiation interacts with it. The most common type of material is a type of salt called sodium-iodide.
  • Sodium iodide is a salt  consisting of molecules in which it contains one atom of sodium and one of iodine.
  • It obtain easily from its elemental components and the reaction emits a lot of energy in the form of heat. The compound is water soluble.
  • NaI, as well as potassium iodide, is used to treat and prevent iodine deficiency. Iodized table salt ingredients as one part sodium or potassium iodide to 100,000 parts of sodium chloride.
  • Sodium iodide activated with thallium, NaI(Tl), when undergoes ionizing radiation, emits photons (i.e., scintillate) and this feature of compound used  in scintillation detectors,  nuclear medicine, geophysics, nuclear physics, & environmental measurements.
  • NaI(Tl) is the most commonly available scintillation material and has the highest light yield of the commonly used scintillators.
  • The radioactive iodide salt of sodium, Na131I, is mainly for the treatment of thyroid cancer and hyper-thyroidism.
  • Sodium iodide I 131 is one of the product of NaI to treat an overactive thyroid gland and kinds of thyroid cancer. It is taken up mainly by the thyroid gland.
  • Most Probably Potassium and sodium Iodide are used in photography and as analytical reagents.
  • Being a salt , its useful in the measurement of the energy of gamma rays and  the amplitude of pulses of light generated by electrons which are excited by the gamma rays. They are used as nutrition supplements to prevent goitre and other iodine deficiency in human body.
  • NaI plays a role in organic synthesis of various chemicals.
  • Of all available Scintillators, NaI is the mostly utilized material. It has very
    high luminescence efficiency & is available in single crystal or polycrystalline forms.
  • The material exhibits no significant self-absorption of the scintillation light.
  • When in the form of crystal (NaI(Tl)), found application in nuclear medicine, for environmental monitoring, in nuclear physics, aerial survey, well logging.

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