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  • Solanesol is a polyisoprenoid alcohol found in tobacco leaves & is an intermediate compound in the synthesis of several Nutraceutical products.

  • The chemical formula for Solanesol is C45H74O, and its molecular weight is 631.07.

  • Solanesol is rich in Coenzyme Q10 -- a physiologically active substance with high pharmaceutical value.

  • Three extraction methods are used for Solanesol recovery which are heat-reflux extraction, microwave-assisted-extraction and ultrasound-assisted extraction.

  • Solanesol may also be produced from potato leaves by saponifying the fatty matter extracted out of potato leaves, separating the unsaponified portions of the fatty matter, molecular distilling the unsaponified portion and further refining the Solanesol fraction.

  • Solanesol is used as starting material in synthesis of high-value bio-chemicals such as Vitamin-K analogues & CoenzymeQ10.

  • Highly purified Solanesol can be used either as a drug or intermediate and also as a therapeutic agents and anti-cancer drugs.

  • The extraction of Solanesol from potato leaves is heat-reflux extraction with an organic solvent in which the Solanesol is soluble.

  • Solanesol is an important secondary metabolite in Nicotiana tabacum.

  • Distribution of Solanesol in Nicotiana tabacum was investigated by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method.

  • Solanesol derivatives are also known to prevent ulcer and liver disease.

  • Demand for Solanesol increasing in market year by year due to its wide applications.

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