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  • Sugar globules are manufactured from Sugar.
  • Sugar Globules are mainly used by homoeopathic doctors.
  • The raw material sugar is easily available in each and every part of the country.
  • This Sugar globules have good absorption power than other globules and It easily absorbs the homoeopathic drug without any change in composition and property.
  • Sugars are called monosaccharides It includes glucose, fructose and galactose.
  • Sugar mixes with water and paste is formed, that is called as Sugar Globules.
  • Sugar is kept from Sugarcane, and it's processing requires two stages.
  • Sugar cane Mills extract raw sugar from freshly harvested cane, and sometimes bleach it to make "mill white" sugar for local consumption.
  • Sugar globules are having  sweet taste.
  • Sugarcane belongs to the grass family called Poaceae, an economically important seed plant.
  • The main product of sugarcane is sucrose, which accumulates in the stalk internodes.
  • Sucrose extracted from Sugarcane and purified in some  specialized mill factories
  • And also it is used as raw material in human food industries and fermented to produce ethanol.
  • Sugar Globules is in standard and  special sizes from 250 to 1700 Ám and  other sizes based upon the client  request.
  • Brazil, India, the European Union, China and Thailand countries are largest producers of sugar in 2011.
  • A leading Company imports  60,000 tonnes of brown sugar annually.
  • It is mainly importing from other producing countries in the region to satisfy local demand.
  • The additional of 65,000 tonnes of the refined product  also consumed by people, would still have to be sourced from overseas.

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