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  • Synthetic glycerin also known as  glycerine, glycerol, trihydroxy propane and propane-1,2,3-triol.
  • Basically glycerin is an organic alcohol with a sweet taste and slippery, viscous feel.
  • Glycerine is used in cosmetics, food, industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals.
  • Natural and synthetic glycerin's are chemically identical.
  • It has three hydroxyl groups that are responsible for its solubility in water and its hygroscopic nature.
  • Glycerin is produced as a by-product of Biodiesel, because of its purity is greatly improved and costs could be reduced.
  • Crude glycerin is often dark in appearance with a thick, syrup-like consistency.
  • Glycerol could be removed from the process by using a special enzyme that breaks down phytol and starches.
  • Animal fats, such as beef tallow, and vegetable oils, such as coconut and soybean are the raw materials used to make glycerol.
  • Glycerol is used to produce nitroglycerin, which is an essential ingredient of smokeless gunpowder and various explosives such as dynamite, gelignite, and propellants like cordite.
  • Glycerol is also used in some theatrical hazes.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration advised all US makers of medicines to test all batches of glycerine for the toxic diethylene glycol.
  • Glycerol serves as a humectant, solvent, and sweetener, and may help preserve foods.
  • Glycerol can be used as an alternative to diesel.
  • Some theatre companies are also used glycerol on their actors faces, to achieve the illusion of tears.
  • It is also used as filler in commercially prepared low-fat foods and as a thickening agent in liqueurs.
  • The glycerol backbone is central to all lipids known as triglycerides.
  • Glycerol is sweet-tasting and of low toxicity.
  • Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides, three molecules of fatty acids are attached to a single molecule of glycerol.
  • Glycerine is liberated and is either left in or washed out and recovered as a useful byproduct, depending on the process employed.
  • Triglyceride is the chemical name for the triesters of fatty acids and glycerin.

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