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Information @ a Glance

  • Tebuconazole - a colorless to light brown powder- is a broad spectrum fungicide used in a wide range of food and feed crops to treat pathogenic and foliar plant fungi.
  • Tebuconazole technical is a white to beige crystalline powder with a weak characteristic odour. The pure tebuconazole is a colourless powder with no characteristic odour- and a melting point of 105C. Its density is 1.25 at 26C.
  • Tebuconazole is a systemic fungicide belonging to the class of triazoles. The compound acts as an ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor (EBI).
  • Tebuconazole is registered in over 100 countries worldwide for use in over 90 different crops including vegetables, grapes, canola, peanuts, bananas, cereals, pome and stone fruits, coffee, rice and soybeans.
  • Tebuconazole was the major radioactive component identified in the foliage (70% of the recovered radioactivity) and the shells (58%) . HWG 2061 was also identified in the foliage (7%) and shells
    (4%); it was present as the glucoside conjugate in the aqueous fractions and was released by a 4-hour reflux with 1N HCl.
  • Tebuconazole is rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plants, with translocation principally acropetally. It is the largest selling triazole fungicide due to broad-spectrum foliar activity on a wide range of crops and seed treatment use on cereals and maize.
  • Tebuconazole is a triazole fungicide used as a seed dressing and spray.
  • Tebuconazole is not highly flammable. It has no pyrophoric property, does not evolve any flammable gases in contact with water or humid air and has no self ignition at temperatures up to melting point (105oC). Tebuconazole is not explosive and not oxidizing.
  • The recommended container materials for tebuconazole are glass, C-4 clean phenolic coated steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, kraft paper and polyethylene.
  • The identification and quantification of tebuconazole as manufactured is performed using the capillary gas chromatography using flame ionisation detector.
  • Products formulated using Tebuconazole Technical will require registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Labeling for products formulated from this product must conform to that which is currently registered with the U.S Environment Protection Agency.
  • Tebuconazole, an excellent triazole fungicide, enjoys fast sale at present mainly thanks to the coming of its consumption peak season in the domestic market.
  • Major tebuconazole technical producers, such as Yancheng Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Limin), Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Sevencontinent), etc., reveal that the supply of tebuconazole technical is very tight currently.
  • With the robust demand for the tebuconazole and the hike prices of raw materials, the price of tebuconazole 97% TC has been continuing to go up since Jan. 2011.

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