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  • Thiazole, or 1,3-thiazole, is a heterocyclic compound that contains both sulfur and nitrogen; the term 'thiazole' also refers to a large family of derivatives.
  • Thiazole itself is a pale yellow liquid with a pyridine-like odor and the molecular formula C3H3NS.
  • The thiazole ring is notable as a component of the vitamin thiamine (B1).
  • Thiazoles are found is a variety of specialized products, often fused with benzene derivatives, the so-called benzothiazoles.
  • In addition to vitamin B1, the thiazole ring is found in epothilone. Other important thiazole derivatives are  benzothiazoles, for example, the firefly chemical luciferin.
  • Thiazoles are members of the azoles heterocycles that includes imidazoles and oxazoles.
  • Thiazole can also be considered a functional group. Oxazoles are related compounds, with sulfur replaced by oxygen.
  • Thiazoles are structurally similar to imidazoles, with the thiazole sulfur replaced by nitrogen.
  • Thiazole is used for manufacturing biocides, fungicides, pharmaceuticals, and dyes.
  • It is soluble in alcohol and ether and slightly soluble in water.
  • It is parent material for numerous of chemical compounds including sulfur drugs, biocides, fungicides, dyes, chemical reaction accelerators.
  • With Halon reaction, alkylation and three nitrogen to form thiazole Smith Weng 3 (thiazonium) salt.
  • Chlorine acetaldehyde and Thiobarbituric formamide response from the system. Some drugs (such as penicillin, sulfa drug), Dye (such as acrylic fiber with a cationic INNOVATIVE red), rubber accelerator, color purity and so the film has thiazole ring.

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