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Information @ a Glance

  • Thiodicarb is a white crystalline powder with a slight sulfurous odor. It has a melting point of 173-174 C.
  • Thiodicarb is stable in light and ambient conditions and unstable in alkaline conditions. Its main degradation product is methomyl.
  • Thiodicarb is a carbamate insecticide and pesticide that consists of two methomyl groups linked by amino nitrogen through sulfur molecules.
  • Carbamates are widely used in industry, agriculture and public health purposes.
  • The main byproduct of thiodicarb decomposition, however, is methomyl, which is achieved through hydrolysis catalyzed by acidic or alkaline conditions.
  • Thiodicarb is formulated as a liquid, flowable concentrate, granular, pelleted/tableted, water dispersible granules,
    and wettable powder.
  • Thiodicarb is commonly used to protect agricultural crops from Lepidopterous pests, such as Beet armyworm, Corn earworm and Black cutworm.
  • Thiocarb is formulated to include several liquid products and one powdered product that must be mixed with water before using.
  • It is registered and used in agriculture and horticulture, against lepidoterous insects as a foliar treatment, as a molluscicide in the form of granular bait in various crops and as a seed treatment.
  • Thiodicarb is a highly effective oxime carbamate insecticide that has produced outstanding control of many pests of agricultural crops.
  • Thiodicarb acts as an ovicide against cotton bollworms and budworms. Thiodicarb is used
    primarily on cotton, sweet corn, and soybeans. The remaining usage is spread among leafy vegetables, cole crops, ornamentals, and other minor use sites.
  • Application types for
    thiodicarb include aircraft (fixed-wing and helicopter), airblast sprayer, chemigation, groundboom, high- and low-pressure handwand, backpack sprayer, and belly-grinder spreader.

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