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  • Thiometon is a systemic organophosphorus insecticide - acaricide with residual activity of up to three weeks.
  • Thiometon is an organophosphorus insecticide which is not a strong cholinesterase inhibitor but when metabolized it converts to several potent cholinesterase inhibitors.
  • Thiometon is effective against sucking insects, mainly aphids, and mites on most crops. Others include psyllids, sawflies, jassids and thrips.
  • Thiometon is a highly toxic organophosphorus compound which inhibits cholinesterases.
  • Thiometon, like the diethyl ester, disulfoton, is an alkyl thioether dimethyl organophosphorus ester of moderately acute toxicity.
  • It is used on a variety of field crops but 80% of its use is on corn, potatoes and cotton.
  • In Kashmir thiometon is used on a variety of crops especially it is used to control woolly apple aphid.
  • Organophosphate insecticides are ubiquitous environmental contaminants because of their wide applications in agriculture.
  • The use of Thiometon in combination with quinalphos surprisingly and substantially enhances the effectiveness of the latter in combating insects.

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