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  • Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22.
  • Titanium is an element, and  it doesn't have components unless you count the atoms that make up this amazing metal.
  • 95% of the titanium  is used to make titanium dioxide (TiO2).
  • TiO2 is an intensely white pigment which is  used in all kinds of paint as well as toothpaste and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Titanium is used in Aircraft applications and make up most of the structural components and fasteners.
  • Its parts are used in rockets , vehicular, medical, scientific and industrial applications.
  • Titanium is a material that is in high demand in the oil and gas, aerospace and defence industries.
  • Titanium is mostly used in aerospace applications, automobiles, prosthetics, buildings, and sporting equipment.
  • Titanium is melted in multiple stages and mixed with appropriate amount of Aluminium and Vanadium.
  • Titanium hydrate is the highly reactive and fine-particulate raw material for titanate manufacturing.
  • TiO2 may be obtained by hydrolysis of inorganic or organic titanium compounds.
  • Titanium, which has minimal impact on the human body and it  was adopted for use in eyeglass frames .
  • Titanium Exists in two crystallographic  forms.
  • The most commonly used titanium alloy is grade 5 and it is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 400C.
  • The enhanced performance desired from use of titanium in racing car applications significantly
    overrides the increased cost.
  • The first use of titanium in an albeit high end production automobile was for connecting rods in
    the Automobile parts.
  • Titanium provided a 26 Ibs dual muffler
    assembly, 41% weight reduction.
  • It contributing to the best performing Corvette ever with a virtually unlimited exhaust life for Automobiles.

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