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  • Titanium tetrachloride is a colorless to pale yellow liquid that has fumes with a strong odor.

  • Titanium tetrachloride is a colourless liquid with a penetrating odour. Titanium tetrachloride does not exist naturally in the environment but is man-made using minerals that contain high levels of titanium.

  • It is used to make titanium metal and other titanium-containing compounds, such as titanium dioxide, which is used as a white pigment in paints and other products and to produce other chemicals.

  • Minerals with a high titanium content, such as beneficiated ilmenite, mineral r-utile, and leucoxene, are used in the production of titanium tetrachloride.

  • Titanium tetrachloride is used in industry to manufacture titanium metal and titanium compounds.

  • In the past it has been used by the textile industry to set dyes onto fabric and to produce smoke screens for the military.

  • The world's supply of titanium metal, about 4M tons per year, is made from TiCl4. The conversion takes place by the reduction of the chloride with magnesium metal, and yields titanium metal and magnesium chloride.

  • It is ideal to use as a white pigment in both oil and water-based paints, as well as in paper, plastics, inks, and cosmetics.

  • Titanium tetrachloride is used in the manufacturing of titanium dioxide pigments, titanium metal, artificial pearls, and iridescent glass; in the production of Ziegler-Natto catalysts; and as a military smoke screen.

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