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  • Turbot farming was first started in the UK in 1970s and was then further developed in France and Spain.
  • In fisheries industry, Land-based aquaculture is an increasing sector and turbot  (a large marine flatfish )farming that has great potential under land based aquaculture.
  • Production of turbot in Iceland has been growing and it is therefore important to develop technology to lower the production costs.
  • An ideal species for farming in land based stations in Iceland, having many good characteristics as an aquaculture species and high stable market value.
  • The turbot is found mostly in European waters and these large flatfish easily change to the color of the sea floor.
  • Turbot breed from April until August, laying their eggs predominantly on gravel bottom at depths >10m. The eggs are planktonic and hatch after 7 - 9 days; following this the larval remain in the pelagic zone for 4 - 6 months.
  • After above stage, the larvae will be subject to surface water currents and with such a long planktonic they have the potential to travel long distances.
  • Broodstock tanks for turbot range from 4 to 10m3 in volume and typically stocked with fish at densities upto 10kg/m2.
  • Actually 3 closely flatfish species are available such as Atlantic turbot, black sea turbot and brill.
  • Turbot tends to feed and grow well at temperatures ranging from 12 to 18C and can reach a market size of 2kg in 24 months at sea.
  • The market opportunities shows that the wild turbot appeared to be less firm but also less sticky when compared to farmed turbot.

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