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  • Valeraldehyde is a colourless liquid with a strong, pungent odour. Because of its low flash point, it is a dangerous fire hazard (ACG99). Its vapour mixes well with air, forming explosive mixtures.

  • Valeraldehyde is used in flavouring compouns, in resin chemistry, and as a rubber accelerator.

  • Valeraldehyde is a volatile, flammable liquid that must be stored in vapor-tight equipment under an atmosphere of oxygen-free nitrogen.

  • Valeraldehyde is manufactured for use as a chemical building block in the production of amyl alcohol (npentanol) and valeric acid. Minor uses include resin chemistry, rubber accelerator additive, and fragrance additive.

  • Valeraldehyde can be prepared by oxidation of the corresponding alcohol, 1-pentanol or by reduction of n-valeric acid. Valeraldehyde is one of a number of aliphatic aldehydes industrially prepared by the oxo process, which involves the reaction of olefins with carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst.

  • Valeraldehyde vapor is heavier than air and can travel long distances and accumulate in low-lying areas creating an explosion hazard.

  • Valeric acid is mainly used as a chemical intermediate to manufacture flavors and perfumes, synthetic lubricants, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. It is also used as a flavoring aid in foods.

  • Dow manufactures valeric acid using the oxo process. Butylene is reacted with synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen mixture) in the presence of a catalyst, yielding valeraldehyde. Valeraldehyde is then oxidized to valeric acid.

  • Valeraldehyde is also used extensively as a natural and synthetic flavoring agent. It is used as a top note for flavor to give identity (fruity, nutty) on first impression and is a component of rose oil used to flavor foods, beverages and chewing tobacco

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