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  • Amorphous silica, silica gel, is produced by the acidification of solutions of sodium silicate to produce a gelatinous precipitate that is then washed and then dehydrated to produce colorless micro porous silica
  • The Rice Hull contain 18-20% high purity amorphous Silica
  • One pound of Rice Hulls contains same energy as one pound of Coal
  • Colloidal silica is composed of the same substance (silicon dioxide) as quartz sand but it has an amorphous (random) rather than a crystalline structure
  • Silicon dioxide (SiO2)(synthetic amorphous silica) :
    Functions as a high temperature binder in refractories and ceramics ; Used as a binder in the investment casting process (lost wax process) ;Polishes silicon and semiconductor wafers to a mirror-like finish ; Helps to clarify and improve the quality of wines, juices and beer
  • Diatomite (amorphous silica) is open-pit mined in the United States and used to produce cristobalite
  • Amorphous silica is generally less toxic than crystalline silica. Since it has greater water solubility, it is cleared more rapidly from the body. Effects observed after inhalation of amorphous silica were milder than those observed for crystalline silica
  • Amorphous silica may be added to food as an anti-caking or anti-foaming agent or to pharmaceuticals as an excipient
  • Fused amorphous silica or quartz (minimum 99.8% SiO2) in the form of ingots, rods, tubes and powder are required for the chemical and electronic industries
  • The production of fumed amorphous silica from the hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride2 in a flame of hydrogen and oxygen is for use in rubbers; as a
    thickening agent in inks, paints, cosmetics, etc.; for use in polyester; and in specialty coatings such as powder coatings
  • The Amorphous Silica appears as white free flowing powder. It is highly efficient anti-blocking aid for plastic films. It also provides slip improvement. Due to its high purity and low hardness its abrasiveness is negligible. It's no sedimentation easy adding and well-dispersed features make this product enjoy the application fields like: Food packing films ,Furniture coatings , Decorative paint , Other general industrial coatings

Basic Information

  • About

  • Fumed Silica

Companies & Products

  • Gujarat Company

  • Synthetic Amorphous Silica

  • Amorphous silica powders

  • Blue Silica Gel

  • Product description

  • MNC Company & Products

Trade Scenario
  • Applications
  • Amorphous silicon for electronics
  • Co2 Storage process
  • Pyrogenic Silica
  • Reactor Technology applications
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Silica Flour
  • Sodium silicate Liquid
  • Demand for Silica
  • Solar Energy - photovoltaic
  • Solar glass heat-treating systems
Patent / Technology Information
  • Process for Amorphous silica
  • Amorphous silica from silica based materials
  • Amorphous silica
  • Synthetic amorphous silica
  • Membrane Filtration of Colloidal Silica
  • Hydrothermal Method
  • Impurity trapping and gettering in amorphous silicon
  • Micro amorphous silica
  • Biochemical Processes for Geothermal Brine Treatment
  • Amorphous silica precipitation
  • Silicon metal production
  • Techniques for the production of synthetic amorphous silica
  • Amorphous ceramics materials
  • Precipitation of Amorphous Silica From Sea Geothermal Field Brines

From Rice Husk Ash

  • Technology Source
  • Process Optimization
  • Preparation of Silica Aero gel
  • Precipitated Silica from Rice Husk Ash
  • Chemical process for extracting
    amorphous silica from rice husk.
  • Oil Shale Process Wastewater Treatment and Recycling
  • Production of silica using as feedstock rice husk
  • Production Technology Brief
  • Quality Improvement of Amorphous Silica by Using KMnO4
  • Silica Sol
  • High-Purity Amorphous Silica Originated in Rice Husks and Straws
  • Producing Amorphous White Silica from Rice Husk

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  • Rice Husk Combustor
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