Bio-based Farnesene

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  • Farnesene is a 15 Carbon Isoprenoid Which Could Be used as a Diesel Fuel Or a Speciality Chemical
  • Farnesene can be used in the manufacturing of a variety of applications such as lubricants, polymer additives, additives to cosmetic products, flavor and fragrances.
  • Amyrisí process for renewable diesel production uses farnesene as a feedstock. There is also research and development underway to use farnesene in polymers.
  • Farnesene is a fragrant oil chemical, unknowingly familiar to many as the distinctive odour you get from Granny Smith apples.
  • Isoprene is found in products ranging From Surgical Gloves To Car Tyres
  • Isoprene has a Market Value Of $1-2 Billion

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