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  • As a fuel, bio-methanol can either be blended with petrol, or it can be used as a feedstock for other environmentally friendly fuels. It is also used for a variety of non-fuel applications including plastics and paints.
  • As well as being green, the great benefit of bio-methanol is that it can be used in similar engine and fuel systems to those found in today's cars. It can be stored, transported and sold in much the same way as petrol and diesel.
  • Bio-methanol can also be used as a chemical building block for a range of future-oriented products, including bio-MTBE, bio-DME, bio-hydrogen and synthetic biofuels (synthetic hydrocarbons). This makes it even easier for fuel manufacturers to achieve EU targets.
  • Bio-methanol is acknowledged by the EU as a ‘better’ biofuel and with our current annual capacity of 250 million liters it is already commercially available in large quantities.
  • Bio-methanol is made from crude glycerine, which is qualified as a residue by the European Committee. It therefore avoids issues regarding sustainability sometimes associated with more traditional biofuel feedstocks.
  • In order to produce bio-methanol we use an existing methanol production facility where we replace natural gas - the traditional methanol feedstock - by evaporating glycerine with our own patented process. The resulting bio-methanol is chemically identical to regular methanol.
  • Bio-methanol will help accelerate a more widespread use of sustainable biofuels. Because it is a chemical building block that can be used either as a raw material for other biofuels or as a fuel in its own right, it enables our customers to use bio-methanol is many different ways so that it best fits with their desired means of meeting the biofuel mandates.

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