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  • Brake Drum is an important component of an automobile used to apply brake on the wheel through the brake shoes fitted inside the Drum.
  • The primary purpose of the brake drum is to absorb kinetic energy during braking. Also, being a part of load carying member of a vehicle, different load conditions are required to be considered for the brakedrum analysis.
  • When a driver applies the parking brake on a vehicle equipped with rear drum brakes, it pulls cables that are attached to actuator levers and struts inside the brake drum. Hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder expands the wheel cylinder at the top of the backing plate. The wheel cylinder is attached to the top end of the two semi circular brake shoes which are pressed into the inside of the brake drum by the expansion of the wheel cylinder. Friction between the brake shoe lining and the brake drum slows the car.
  • Any time brake service is performed, all brake drums should be inspected for the following: Excessive wear or scoring, Hot spots or heat checks, Out-of-round, Distortion, Cracks. Any brake drum that is cracked must be replaced. Those that have hot spots, distortion, or are out-ofround can cause braking problem such as pulling, vibration, chatter, noise and pulsation.
  • Many times these drums can be refinished and reused, other times they must be replaced. Drums that exhibit minor scoring but have no other problems can sometimes be reused without refinishing; however, it is critical
    that the diameter of a drum be measured to determine if it can be safely refinished and reused.
  • Wheels are directly mounted on the same studs as the brake drum to stop the rotation of the wheels. Pressing the brake pedal causes the fluid to flow from the master cylinder to each wheel cylinder.
  • This causes the brake shoes to pressed against the inner surface of the drum creating friction. The rotation of the drum stops or slows down due to friction generated between brake drum and brake shoes, which ultimately either reduces the speed of the vehicle or completely stops the wheel from rotating according to the brake application.
  • Currently, China major producer of automobile brake drum factory about 21, mainly in Shandong, Hubei and Henan and other places, and their production capacity accounts for more than 60 national markets, but still there are many small factories in the production of brake drum .
  • Many modern cars, e.g. the VW Touran, still come with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, and some sports cars still have a small drum brake attached to the rear brakes to act as the handbrake, although they have rear discs for the most efficient braking.
  • Disc brakes are good because when they warm up, the disc gets larger and is therefore closer to the pads, meaning you don't have to push as hard on the pedal to get good braking.
  • If you own an aircooled Volkswagen, please rest assured that if your car came with all-round drum brakes then they are good enough to stop it within current safety distances.

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