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  • Carbendazim is a fungicide registered in Australia for the control of a wide range of fungal diseases such as mould, spot, mildew, scorch, rot and blight in a variety of crops.
  • Carbendazim is very dangerous for water organisms and even a buffer zone of 20 meter is not protective enough. Alternatives for Carbendazim are available.
  • Ingestion and other exposures to the chemical can cause various symptoms. The type and severity of symptoms varies depending on the amount of chemical involved and the nature of the exposure.


  • Melting point 307 ~ 312 C (decomposition).

  • 0.05g/cm3 density of 1.45 (20 C).

  • The vapor pressure μ Pa 1.3.33 (20 C).

  • Solubility (24 C) : Water 29 (pH 4), 8 (pH 7), 7 (pH 8) mg / L, hexane 0.5 mg / L, benzene 36 mg / L, ethanol, acetone 300 mg / L, dichloromethane coagulation / L of ethyl acetate 135mg / L, respectively.

Manufacturing process

  • There are different ways, using my calcium cyanamide, from calcium cyanamide (lime nitrogen) and water system from calcium cyanamide hydrogen.

  • Filtering out the separation of calcium hydroxide, and the residue (or may not filter first, the use of calcium hydroxide as the processes behind deacidification agent in the synthesis based on dicyanamide methyl formate after filtration, it is called after filtration; this separation residues containing toxic organic impurities).

  • And then calcium cyanamide hydrogen chloride solution and sodium hydroxide saved methyl formate in reaction to form methyl formate-based solution cyanamide, with o-phenylenediamine condensation carbendazim.

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