Chlorimuron Ethyl

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Information Profile @ a Glance 


  • Chlorimuron ethyl is a sulfonylurea class herbicide that inhibits acetolactate synthase, which
    regulates plant growth.

  • It is registered for use on soybeans and peanuts.

  • Chlorimuron ethyl may be applied to soybean crops at preplant, preemergence, postemergence, or postharvest stages by band treatment, broadcast, ground spray, low volume spray, or soil incorporated treatment at the current maximum application rate of 0.08025 lbs active ingredient per acre (per crop cycle).

  • Physical and Chemical Properties
        Solubility in Water (mg/L,25℃) : (Ph=5) 9; (pH=6.5) 450 ; (pH=7) 1200
        Melting point : 181℃
        Vapor pressure : 4.9010-7mPa@25℃
        Relative density : 1.51@25℃
        Partition coefficient : KowlogP=0.11@pH=7
        PH : 6.8 (1% Solution)


  • Chlorimuron ethyl has low or minimal acute toxicity via the oral, dermal and inhalation routes of exposure. It is mildly irritating to the eye and non-irritating to the skin; it is not a skin sensitizer.
  • Chlorimuron ethyl has low acute toxicity (Category III) for acute dermal and primary eye irritation, and Category IV for all other forms of acute toxicity. It was not oncogenic to mice or rats, not teratogenic to rabbits, and not mutagenic. The pesticide is foliarly absorbed and translocated within the plant. It works by inhibition of cell division in shoots and roots. The major degradation pathway is hydrolysis.
  • Animal Data   CLASSIC: 4-hour Inhalation LC50: > 5 mg/L in rats, Skin Absorption LD50: > 2000 mg/kg in rabbits Oral LD50: > 5000 mg/kg in rats.
  • It is a mild eye irritant but not a skin irritant or a skin sensitizer in animals.
  • Ecological and Ecotoxicological Information - Aquatic Toxicity : Low toxicity. 96 hour LC50 - Rainbow trout: > 1,000 mg/L.  Avian Toxicity : LD50 - Mallard Duck: > 2,510 mg/kg.  LC50 - Bobwhite Quail: > 5,600 ppm
  • Handling and Storage Cautions - Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Wash contaminated clothing with soap and hot water before reuse. Store in original container away from other pesticide or food.
  • First Aid Measures  - Eyes: flush with plenty of water. Skin: wash with plenty of soap and water.

Fire Fighting Measures

  • Flammable Properties - Flammable limits in Air, % by Volume
    LEL : 0.212 g/L
    Autoignition : 330 C (626 F) Not a fire or explosion hazard.

  • Like most organic powders or crystals, under severe dusting conditions, this material may form explosive mixtures in air.

  • Extinguishing Media: Water Spray, Dry Chemical.

  • Fire Fighting Instructions: Wear self-contained breathing apparatus. Wear full protective equipment. Use water spray. Runoff from fire control may be a pollution hazard. If area is heavily exposed to fire and if conditions permit, let fire burn itself out since water may increase the area contaminated Used post-emergence for control of important broad-leaved weeds, such as cocklebur, pigweed, sunflower and annual morning glory, in soya beans and peanuts.


  • Used post-emergence for control of important broad-leaved weeds, such as cocklebur, pigweed, sunflower and annual morning glory, in soya beans and peanuts.

  • The adsorption affinity of chlorimuron-ethyl is stronger than metsulfuron-methyl in all soils studied and the adsorption affinity decreased with soil depth.

  • Chlorimuron ethyl was very weakly absorbed on the two sandy loam soils and only weakly absorbed on the two silt loam soils. Absorbed radioactivity was readily desorbed from the sandy loam soils, but was more tightly retained on the silt loams.

  • Chlorimuron ethyl has a half-life of  7.5 weeks in soil.

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