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  • Chromium dioxide or chromium(IV) oxide is a synthetic magnetic substance once widely used in magnetic tape emulsion.
  • Chromium (IV) oxide has a tetragonal unit cell with a rutile-type structure.
  • Chromium(iv) oxide, CrO2, is unique among the rutile-type transition metal dioxides, exhibiting ferromagnetic (Tc = 395 K) and metallic properties.
  • CrO2 is also one of the simplest known half-metals and crystallizes into the rutile structure at ambient conditions, a structure commonly found in many metal dioxide.
  • CrO2 is not a stable CrO phase under normal conditions, and the magnetic properties of chromium oxides are highly sensitive to changes in stoichiometric composition.
  • CrO2 is the only ferromagnetic phase among all the oxides of chromium.
  • Magnetic-tape-grade chromium dioxide ha s been prepared by a single step synthesis employing hydrothermal decomposition of  commercially available CrO3.
  • Among the magnetic materials being actively investigated for their potential use in such devices CrO2 is one of the most attractive because it is a halfmetal fully spin polarized at the Fermi level with a Curie temperature well above room temperature and a magnetic moment of 2 μB per  formula unit.
  • Chemical vapor deposition CVD technique was discovered in the late 1970s, and perhaps is still the most effective way for epitaxial CrO2 film  fabrication.
  • Chromium dioxide is a metastable phase that can only be prepared at high pressure conditions; preparation at low pressure requires special chemical reactions involving a special precursor, special substrates and techniques.
  • Chromium oxide coatings are chemically inert, have high mechanical strength, hardness and good optical characteristics; therefore, they have been widely used in many applications including corrosion protection, wear resistance, electronics, and optics.
  • Chromium dioxide is recently of considerable interest due to its attractive potential for use in spintronic heterostructures.
  • Transition metal oxides exhibit a wide range of physical, chemical, and structural properties and are important in various technological applications, including electronic materials, catalysis, and corrosion inhibition.

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