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  • Colostrum is a protein-rich substance secreted in breast milk in the first few days after a mother has given birth.

  • Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins and insulin-like growth factors.

  • Commercial colostrum supplements are typically produced from bovine (cow) sources.

  • These supplements are intended for chronic use and are claimed to improve exercise performance and recovery, and possibly to have beneficial effects on body composition (increasing lean muscle tissue).

  • Further research is required to demonstrate that colostrum supplementation benefits performance and to identify the athlete group most likely to benefit from supplementation.


  • Colostrum was designed by nature to promote good health. Some of its benefits can be found below:

  • Promotes a sense of well being , Improves prostate health , Reduces enlarged prostate , Enhances sexual function , Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi ., Speeds healing , Eliminates allergy symptoms , Builds lean muscle and burns fat , Sharpens mental focus Increases endurance , promotes healthy hair , Improves athletic performance , Improves immunity.

  • Colostrum has been used to successfully treat the symptoms of the following disorders:

  • Anemia, arthritis, asthma, bursitis, colitis, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, diverticulitis, emphysema, fibromyalgia, gout, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, influenza, lupus, joint injuries and post-surgery pain, multiple sclerosis, nerve injuries, nocturia, pMS, shingles, stress, stroke, temper outbursts, tendonitis, thyroid disorders, ulcers, and more.


  • Use it to help healing of wounds and burns, you can apply it directly and cover with a damp bandage. Replace and clean wound once or twice daily. Always take colostrum capsules internally also.

  • You can also dip your own toothpaste into a little Colostrum powder. Helps get rid of gingivitis (bleeding gums) and mouth infections.

  • The reason colostrum is so great in these applications is that it destroys disease causing bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungus so it is a very effective anti-microbial, without harsh chemicals.

  • It works wonders for dogs, cats and other pets as well as horses etc. Just adjust the amount by weight of the animal.

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