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Information @ a Glance

General Information
  • Copper oxychloride is a green powder used as blue color agent, is a basic copper  chloride.
  • Copper oxychloride has a number of applications, by far the most important being as an agricultural fungicide, for which purpose it is extensively employed in formulated form as dusts, wettable powders and pastes.


  • Copper oxychloride can be produce easily at home from metallic copper.
  • Copper oxychloride can be prepared by the aeration of copper in acidic solution of  sodium chloride.
  • Copper oxychloride can also be made by neutralizing a strong solution of copper  chloride.

Application & Technology

  • Various systemic fungicides and a non-systemic fungicide (copper ammonium carbonate) were evaluated as possible alternatives to copper-oxychloride and benomyl, for control of pre- and postharvest diseases of avocados.
  • The response of different microbial parameters to copper oxychloride in acidic sandy loam soil samples using cultivation-dependent and direct microscopic techniques has been determined
  • A computational study of the layered copper oxychloride (CuCl)LaNb2O7 that has been recently proposed as a spin-1/2-frustrated square lattice compound.


  • It has been reported that Preparations containing P- Phosphonate, can contribute to a „less risky“ production in the sense of securing yield and wine quality. It seems possible to reduce or replace copper compounds during the „high risk“ period for downy mildew infection up to the end of bloom depending on the prevailing climatic conditions within the growing season and with respect to regional differences.
  • The effect of fungicide on Aspergillus flavus link And also studied by foodpoisoning technique. The sensitivity of Thiram, carbendazim, Mancozeb, Copper oxychloride, Captan and Captafol were determined.Thiram, Carbendazim and Mancozeb were found to be more inhibitory as compound to other fungicides.

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