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  • An oil compound used with sand to make foundry core.
  • Core oil is a substance for binding core sand together.
  • Core-binding properties of beniseed and melon oils are hereby characterised with a view to finding alternatives to the imported foundry core oils that deplete Nigeria’s foreign exchange.
  • Clay and sand samples collected from Niger and Plateau states respectively were blended with varying proportions of
    core-oils in order to assess their functional properties.
  • Based on the mechanism survey of gas drive, with three kinds’ gas and drilling core of Jilin oilfield, the experiment
    studied the drive law in porous medium, and analysis the mechanism.
  • Core binders are either organic, such as core oil, which are destroyed under heat, or inorganic, which are not destroyed.
  • The main organic binder is core oil. Pure linseed oil is used extensively as one of the basic ingredients in blended-oil core binders. These consist primarily of linseed oil, resin, and a thinner, such as high-grade kerosene. They have good wetting properties, good workability, and better oxidation characteristics than straight linseed oil.
  • A report is prepared which contains the results of testing to measure the core making/baking and pouring/
    cooling/shakeout emissions from core oil cores.
  • The residual oil saturation (Sor) of a North Sea sandstone reservoir has been measured by two different techniques.

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