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  • Bath towels are woven pieces of fabric either cotton or cotton-polyester that are used to absorb moisture on the body after bathing.
  • Bath towels are generally of a single color but may be decorated with machine-sewn embroidery, woven in fancy jacquard patterns (pre-determined computer program driven designs) or even printed in stripes.
  • The yarn used in the production of towels is 10/s, 16/s and 20/s cotton, polyester/cotton yarn is also used to increase the strength of the product.
  • Towels constructed with loops of thick yarns are more absorbent.
  • Drying ability is also measured by a towel’s thickness.
  • Towels can be piece dyed or yarn dyed.
  • The use of 1 pull per 1 hand drying will be assumed as the default value for every towel system, both reusable and non-reusable.
  • The cotton roll system uses cotton towels, which are reused by washing in professional laundries. The cotton rolls are produced and manufactured from cotton fibre (“lint”) from conventional agriculture.
  • The reusable cotton towels hotspot is the laundering process (heat, soap and electricity), with around 54% of the environmental load.
  • Cotton textiles has registered a growth of 8.2 per cent during April-September 2010-11, while wool, silk and man-made fibre textiles have registered a growth of 2.2 per cent while textile products including wearing apparel have registered a growth of 3 per cent.
  • A Company is the manufacturing center of toweling sector not only in Turkey but also in the world. This city is mostly concentrated on toweling sector. 187 companies manufacture cotton towels and bathrobes. This manufacturing facility on one product group in the same area is a success story and a good example of the cluster development.

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