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General Information
  • Coumachlor is used as a rodenticide. The chemical may be absorbed through the skin. Ingestion and other exposures to the chemical can cause various symptoms.
  • Compositions having rodenticidal activity are disclosed which are constituted by a solution of a compound having anti-coagulant activity and which is an indane dione or a 4-hydroxycoumarin, preferably chlorophacinone, diphacinone, bromadiolone or coumachlor, in a glycol in admixture with a volatile co-solvent, preferably acetone or dichloromethane, which increases the solvent activity of the glycol for the anti-coagulant compound.


  • The enantiomers of the rodenticide coumachlor were separated by reversed phase HPLC using a Chirobiotic V column and detected by UV at 254nm.
  • Racemic mixtures of five acidic drugs have been successfully separated by supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) using macrocyclic antibiotic chiral stationary phases (CSPs).
  • The commercial ristocetin A CSP (Chirobiotic Rô) was subsequently studied in packed column SFC with similar results where the enantiomers of  warfarin (Rs = 2.2), coumachlor (Rs = 2.5) and thalidomide (Rs = 0.6) were separated.


  • In the case of chiral separations process, temazepam, aminoglutethimide, benzoin, benzoin methyl ether, and coumachlor were separated using the three separation techniques.
  • The advent of a highly potent but slow-acting rodenticide molecule, brodifacoum, has allowed the development of the pulsed baiting technique. This practical technique is highly effective and offers very significant savings both in bait and labour compared to first-generation anticoagulants, with excellent levels of control.

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