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Information @ a Glance

  • Country liquor is made from a variety of raw materials and has different names in different parts of the country.
  • Country liquor, an unbranded, highly potent alcohol drink is produced by distilleries and sold through separate
    distribution channels.
  • Country liquor continues to go strong in northern States like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, while Maharashtra is one of the bigger States in the west.
  •  Country liquor, the cheapest form of alcoholic beverages, could soon give consumers a different kind of kick with the (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards setting fresh manufacturing norms for country liquor.
  • In India, country liquor and IMFL cater for two quite different sectors of the liquor market.
  • Country liquor is consumed in rural areas and by low-income groups in urban areas.
  • Under the Indian constitution, country liquor, IMFL and beer are state subjects, with each state controlling the duty structure and distribution.
  • The country liquor market is regional market with small manufacturers spread across the country but is estimated to be around 2.5 times the IMFL market.
  • India’s country liquor (or arrack) industry, a commoditised and often chaotic business, is estimated at Rs 22,000 crore, with annualised volume sales of over 200 million cases.
  • Country liquor is essentially made of rectified spirit (RS) which flows from fermenting and rectification of molasses.
  • Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are the biggest country liquor markets in India.
  • At present, country liquor is made out of rectified spirit, and the government will make country liquor based on extra neutral alcohol, a more purified version.
  • The strength of country liquor will be retained at 28.5 per cent, much lower than IMFL which is 42.8 per cent.

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