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  • A crash helmet is a protective helmet which is designed to prevent head injuries in a crash. These helmets are required by law in many regions of the world, in response to numerous scientific studies which have demonstrated that wearing a helmet in a crash greatly reduces the risk of injuries.
  • In areas where such helmets are not required, they are often in common use among cyclists, motorcyclists, and other individuals who are vulnerable to injuries in crashes.
  • Typically, a crash helmet has a hard outer shell which is designed to resist penetration, and a thick foam inner lining which may be reinforced with carbon fiber or Kevlar®. This inner lining cushions the head in the event of a crash, reducing the risk of a skull fracture or other serious head injury.
  • As a general rule, once a crash helmet has been involved in an accident, it must be discarded, even if it appears to be in good shape, because the integrity of the helmet may have been compromised.
  • There are a number of different styles of crash helmet, all of which are designed to cover the head and at least part of the face. The helmet is affixed with a chin strap which must be adjusted to ensure that the helmet is snug, and padding in the helmet may be adjustable to get the perfect fit. It is important to fit a crash helmet properly, so that it does not wiggle or move on the head, as an ill-fitting helmet will not provide adequate protection in a collision.
  • ThermaHelm Crash Helmets Ltd is looking to raise £650,000 in this round to invest in marketing and the cost of production for the first 500 helmets being launched at the NEC. This new Carbon Fibre helmet is ready for production and contracts are in place with a high quality, UK based, manufacturer. There have been in excess of 47,000 registrations and pre-orders on the web site resulting in almost 5600 sales in the pipeline– all this is without any active marketing, advertising or promotion.
  • Funding of £300,000 has already closed with further possible commitments; we are therefore looking for a further £350,000. There is a minimum individual investment of £50,000. Most nations have helmet standards which are set by government agencies.
  • These standards are arrived at by testing various helmet designs and materials, and they include minimum specifications in terms of coverage, load-bearing ability, and so forth. People should take care to purchase helmets appropriate for their activities which have designs approved by the government for safety.

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