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  • The crocus is a small, low-growing flower with iridescent colors ranging from gray to reddish purple. The crocus has grass-like leaves and it blooms in early spring and in autumn.
  • The two main types of crocus are the Crocus vernus and Crocus sativus.
  • Crocus is a burlap-like fabric once used to ship saffron.
  • The crocus plant is short in stature but come in many colours such as white, yellow, lilac, blue and purple. Some varieties have two colours and others are have striped petals.
  • The name Crocus is derived from the Latin adjective crocatus, meaning saffron yellow. The Greek word for "saffron" is krokos, while the Arabic word saffron or zafaran, means yellow.
  • Colchicums also belong to the Liliaceae or Lily Family while crocuses are in the Iridaceae or Iris Family.
  • Saffron is produced from dried stigmas of Crocus sativus L. member of large family Iridaceae.
  • Stigma of Crocus sativus L. (Iridaceae), commonly known as saffron, is the world’s most expensive spice and apart from its traditional value as food additive recent studies indicate its potential as antidepressant.
  • A new molecularly imprinted polymer for extraction of crocin from saffron stigmas was prepared using gentiobiose (a glycoside moiety in crocin structure) as a template.
  • The anther development was examined in some Crocus species, by light and scanning electron microscopy.
  • The quality of saffron depend on drying method.
  • In the case of Crocus, the temperature may be so low that the flowers cannot open, yet the flowers may develop fully, nevertheless.
  • Micropropagation has increasingly become a valuable tool assisting breeders to release new species and cultivars into the market more rapidly. A report shows that the progress made in Genus Crocus of Family Iridaceae, and highlight the potential for future expansion in this field.
  • Even though saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, knowledge on the biology of the producing plant (Crocus sativus L.) is still limited.
  • Crocus sativus Linn (Iridaceae) is used widely in tropical and subtropical countries for a variety of purposes in both household and for medicinal Uses

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