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  • Curium is a transuranic radioactive chemical element with symbol Cm, Electron Configuration Rn 5f7 6d2 7s2, Atomic number 96, Discovered 1944, Melting point 1,347 C, Atomic mass 247 u.
  • Curium is a hard, brittle, radioactive silvery metal.
  • Curium is harmful due to its radioactivity.
  • Curium is probably present in uranium ores.
  • Curium-242 and curium-244 are used in the space program as a heat source for compact thermionic and thermoelectric power generation.
  • Curium is sometimes used to analyze materials taken from mines and as a portable source of electrical power.
  • A number of compounds of curium have been produced, including two forms of curium oxide (Cm 2 O 3 and CmO 2), two forms of curium fluoride (CmF 3 and CmF 4), and curium chloride.
  • Curium considered a transuranic element, meaning that it has an atomic number higher than that of uranium.
  • Curium enters the body it accumulates in the bones, and is therefore very toxic as its radiation destroys the red-cell forming mechanism.
  • Curium is mainly used for scientific research purposes.

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