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  • Cyphenothrin is a pyrethroid chemical used as an insecticide.
  • Cyphenothrin is the BSI common name for (RS)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl (IRS)-cis,trans-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl)cyclopropanecarboxylate(IUPAC).
  • Physical Properties : Cyphenothrin is a vicous, yellowish liquid with a molecular mass of 375.45,relative density of 1.08. Cyphenothrin has a water solubility of <10 ppb.
  • Stability : The compound was reported to be stable in the diet over a period of 4 weeks when kept under cold (4 C) and light -shielded conditions, and under study conditions (232C, 5510C relative humidity).
  • Pyrethroid acts upon both the peripheral and central nervous system of the insect to stimulate the nerve cells to produce repetitive discharges and eventually cause paralysis.


  • Cyphenothrin was generally rapidly absorbed, metabolised and excreted in the rat.
  • The acute toxicity data indicate that cyphenothrin  is moderately toxic (Category II) via the oral route of exposure, slightly toxic (Category III) via the inhalation route of exposure, and has low toxicity (Category IV)via the dermal route of exposure. Cyphenothrin is non-irritating to the eye (Category IV) and is neither a dermal irritant nor a skin sensitizer.
  • Cyphenothrin reached their peaks after oral dosing within 1  to  2  hours. Level of radiolabel in brain tissue were much lower than those in blood and liver.
  • Cyphenothrin was fed to male and female fischer (F-344) rats (80/sex/dose for two years at dietary levels of 0, 100, 300, or 1000 ppm. average dosages  for males and females, respectively,  were 4.80 and 5.89 mg/kg/d for the 100 ppm  groups; 14.49 and 17.77 mg/kg/day for the 300 ppm groups; 48.16 and 58.52 mg/kg/day for the 1000 ppm groups.


  • uses - control of houseflies, midges and cockroaches in household use, public health, and industrial use. Also controls insects which attack wood and fabric.
  • use pattern - Cyphenothrin is formulated as a liquid. Squeeze-on product for the control of fleas,ticks and other


  • Cyphenothrin EC, a new synthetic pyrethroid was evaluated in cookhouses in an urban area, with the aim of exploring alternate control option against the German cockroach Blatella germanica.
  • Cyphenothrin @ 50 mg a.i./m2 was sprayed in selected cookhouses at the infested sites and potential harbourages by compression pneumatic sprayer.
  • A very high cockroach kill was observed within 24 h of cyphenothrin treatment of the infested cookhouses;
    the weekly monitoring showed 86.3% reduction in cockroach infestation in the treatment site-1 by first week post-treatment.
  • Cyphenothrin brought about 95 to 97.5% reduction in cockroach infestation by the end of six weeks post-treatment.
  • The duration of effective control offered by this insecticide against German cockroaches though is low (6 weeks) as compared to the reported efficacy of up to 90 days with fipronil gel 0.05%, however, the initial control offered by cyphenothrin in the first week posttreatment (86 to 96%) is comparable to fipronil gel (89%) in studies conducted under similar settings.

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