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  • Weaving is the interlacing of yarns in a regular order to create a fabric .

  • Weaving is done by fitting one set of yarns on the loom which forms the length of the fabric. These are called the warps.

  • Weaving is a textile craft in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced to form a fabric or cloth.

  • Weaving sector is comprised of two types of setups. One is the organized mill sector and the other is the unorganized non-mill sector. The non-mill-weaving sector, which is also called the Auto/Power Loom sector, supplies the majority of the fabric in the country.

  • The traditional weaving process such as picking cotton sprout, ginning cotton, carding and fluffing cotton, spinning cotton into thread, dyeing, starching, winding threads into skeins, preparing the wrap for weaving and finally weaving cloth was widely practiced by Myanmar woman.

  • Weaving sector is one of the most important textile sub-sectors. The exports of woven fabrics and other woven made ups comprise a major portion of textile exports from Pakistan.

  • The world demand for textiles is rising at around 2.5% , due to which there is a greater opportunity for rise in exports from Pakistan.

  • The major importing countries of cotton fabrics were Turkey, Bangladesh, Italy, Germany, USA, China, Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, UK and Singapore.

  • Year 2011 has been declared the year of exports and the Ministry of Commerce and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) have devised a comprehensive strategy to boost country's export.

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