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  • Fenarimol is a locally systemic foliar fungicide in the pyrimidine class of fungicides, which also includes dimethirimol, bupirimate, and ethirimol.
  • Fenarimol is used to control fungal diseases, such as rusts, molds, mildews, and scabs .
  • It is currently registered for use on apples, filberts, pears, pecans, cherries, grapes, ornamental plants, ornamental trees, and turf.
  • Current formulations of fenarimol include Rubigan® E.C. , Rubigan® A.S. Turf and Ornamental , Rubigan® A.S. , Patchwork® , and Twosome Flowable Fungicide .
  • Fenarimol is soluble in water , soluble in most organic solvents, has low vapor pressure , and has low potential to bioconcentrate in fish.
  • The fungicide fenarimol has the potential to induce endocrine disrupting effects via several mechanisms since it possesses both estrogenic and antiandrogenic activity and inhibits aromatase activity in cell culture studies.
  • Fenarimol, a systemic pyrimidine carbinol fungicide, is considered to be not genotoxic or weakly genotoxic, although the available toxicological data are controversial and incomplete.
  • Fenarimol in transparent surface water is expected to photolyze readily.
  • The fungicide fenarimol is commonly used in the form of a spray for treating mildew.
  • Microemulsion and emulsifiable concentrate formultations of fenarimol were equally effective in greenhouse trials in controlling apple scab.
  • Fenarimol is an extensively used fungicide which is composed of two chloroben-zene and one pyrimidine rings, connected by a car-binol group.

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